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I’m A Professional Psychic, Medium, Empathy, Crossover And Clairvoyant With Over 20 Years Of Experience. I  Live And Work In South Africa. I Am A Natural Psychic And Medium And Have Been Since I Was A Child. I Have Been Working As A Professional Psychic And Medium For Over 20 Years. My Clients Range From CEO s With Business Problems, love related, relationship problems To Young Adults At Emotional Crossroads. Many Of My Clients Have Been Seeing Me For Years. I Have Done Readings For People Seeking Advice In Areas Such As relationship misunderstanding, Marriage and Divorce, Emotional Anxiety, Partnership Problems, Childhood Issues, Business Decisions And Much More. I’m Also A Medium And Can Cross Over During A Reading To Communicate With Deceased Relatives And Friends. For 20 Years I Have Been Working And Continue To Work At The Temple In  Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ezra mia

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